About Us

VAZIL COMPANY CO., LTD. is a young company and technology center that is promoting the development of human-centered new products and services for “Hit the Run”, aiming for a 100-year company that is constantly changing and growing with quick response and ideas in a rapidly changing world.

VAZIL COMPANY CO., LTD. develops and provides technology capable of excellence in performance and function in response to the times and market demands of market flow and technology development. In addition, each time technology is developed, new technology is added to meet customer needs by developing technology to meet market needs.

VAZIL COMPANY‘s main technology is smart factory. It consists of robot business unit and solution business unit for process automation solution. The Robot Division deals with bin-picking robot, deburring robot, handling robot, welding robots, vision inspection, 2D&3D vision inspection, and the Solution Division deals with production management, inventory management and data gathering.

VAZIL COMPANY CO., LTD. is at the forefront of the pursuit of smart factory in all processes in these factories.

Business Scope

VAZIL COMPANY is growing together with customers as a Smart Factory System Integration supplier that helps improve rapidly changing business environment and prodruction efficiency.

Investment Environment

Development of smart manufacturing innovation technology combined with robot + artificial intelligence, increasing system demand, and dramatic changes in the production environment in an environment in which there is an increasing need for continuous automation, robotization, and artificial intelligence due to the global economic growth.

Continued increase in robot utilization in various fields utilizing robots

Continued product development by applying various fields using robot vision technology

High profits from software solutions-driven sales policies combined with hardware

Secure order backlog by utilizing various fields of robot product line, combining software and educational contents

Continued development of inspection process automation technology using vision technology by attracting large-scale national technology development projects