Smart Lean SCM System

It is a cloud-based SCM system developed by VAZIL COMPANY CO., LTD. and differentiated from existing WMS / MES / ERP.

  • Rather than grasping the inventory status after manpower has been put in, it is possible to identify inventory in real time based on a vision recognition system, and has the ability to automatically proceed to the next step based on the identified inventory.
    Feature 01
  • It is an automatic management system that operates the circulation structure organically by continuously checking and identifying the continuous parts in real time in order to operate the company such as material ordering → material receiving → manufacturing → shipping → material storage.
    Feature 02
  • By building a cloud-based system, basic data loss can be prevented first, and the speed of running the system is faster than that of the existing SCM system.
    Feature 03

It is Smart Lean SCM System of VAZIL COMPANY CO., LTD. which has the distinction from the existing SCM.